Some weeks ago I published a post on how to store your Jawbone UP data into The script got quite popular and many people reached out to me with questions and smaller problems.

Today I want to show you how you can automate the execution of the script with The app isn't free but has a 14-day trial. Just download it and try it out.


Open the Hazel preference panel and add your up-logs folder to the folders list. (The up-logs folder should be in your Dropbox folder ~/Users/$username/Apps/up-export/up-logs).

Create a new rule and add the following filter: Date added - is after - Date Last Matched. As soon as a new file is placed in your up-logs folder Hazel will be triggered.

Now we configure the following action: Run shell script - embedded script. Then click on the little "i"-button next to "Edit script". Shell should be /bin/bash or /usr/local/bin/bash. The script which should be executed is:

sh /Users/$username/Dropbox/Apps/up-export/

Just replace $username with your Mac OS X username or adjust your path so that the file will be found by Hazel.
The rule should look like my rule in the picture below.

Hazel rule to execute the script as soon a new file is added to your Dropbox folder.

It doesn't work

As always I'm happy to help you out. Just send me a message by email or create a new issue on Github.